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Q&A with David Wain

David Wain with Stella
David Wain (center) with Michael Ian Black (left) and Michael Showalter of Stella

David Wain, co-creator of the classic comedy troupe The State, which spawned Stella, Reno-911 and the feature film Wet Hot American Summer, is now on the web starring in his own “fictionalized life” known as Wainy Days. Wain discusses his award winning comedy and the state of Internet television in this exclusive interview with Black Hole Online.
Q&A with David Wain

An Angry Man
For kids who grew up in the 80s, one of the biggest parts of life was playing video games. Too bad so many of them were awful… James Rolfe stars as the Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) in his original series that takes a harsh look at the games of the time, and the pop culture that defined the era. With a blend of semi-scripted plotlines, and biting reviews of classic NES games, the nerd reminds viewers just what growing up in that era was all about, and why it was so much fun.
Review of The Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles Episode
Review of The Battletoads Episode
Review of The Zelda Timeline Episode

Meet the Creators of Circles

Circles Cast

Brandon Bautista and Joshua Ortman are the co-creators of the web series Circles, a dramady that captures the high school experiences we all shared. The series offers an engaging cast of characters along with a wholesome helping of humor. read more

High Heel Samurai Season Two

Samurai Group
New Beginnings
Tuesday September 3, 2008 at 11:59 PM. This season there will be consequences. Bret Silverberg takes an in depth look at the second year of High Heel Samurai. Does he have any juicy spoilers? Read on and see what Silverberg has to say about the new plotlines, characters and knockout drama! read more

Chip Perro
Bret Silverberg interviews Chip Perro, creator of High Heel Samurai. Get a behind the scenes peek at life behind the Samurai set. Where do the ideas for the show come from? Is any of it real? Bret reports on these questions and gets the scoop on what it takes to get Tori, Sophie, Catia and Mia looking great week after week. read more

The Burg
The Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY is home to the residents of The Burg, twenty-something’s living across the bridge from Manhattan. Meredith checked out this series and has come back with the reviews.
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