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    SEASON 2

»«1. New Beginnings and New Problems (parts 1-6)

The Samurai girls are back, and the second season of High Heel Samurai begins right here! The FBI is involved, Jack and Frank are AWOL, Tori's at Harvard, Sophie is causing trouble, Catia is looking for love, Mia is in Paris... See it all for yourself. This season, there will be consequences...

»«2. Bad Bums and Saturday Nights (parts 1-6)

What do the Samurai Girls do on a Saturday night? It was supposed to be a casual dinner, but knowing, Tori, Sophie, Catia and Mia, things are never that simple. With the events of the first episode still fresh on everyone's mind, and new problems brewing in the background, it's all getting a little complicated.

»«3. Computer Geeks and Amanda Hats (parts 1-6)

Could it be? Has Catia finally found love? Exciting new relationships are blossoming as the year continues onward. Sophie is excited about a hat... Yes, you read that right. Tori continues to cope with her exuberant roommate, while balancing college and the tournament, Mia has a score to settle with a lousy Karate instructor, and the mysterious Blaire is further revealed.

»«4. Stolen Cars and Bothered Cops (parts 1-6)

The High Heel Samurai are evolving. Is this a good thing? This early on, it's tough to tell. Mia and Jack have some tough choices ahead of them. Tori continues to prove that she isn't her sister, turning to Sophie when problems arise. Catia's new relationship is growing. And what about Blaire? How does she fit into everything? Things are beginning to erupt!

»«5. Ninjas Revealed and Friendships Exposed (parts 1-6)

Sometimes the past creeps up when you don't want it to. When Sophie's old high school friend comes to town, everything starts falling apart. Sophie's mysterious life before Boston is further revealed, and she's torn between her old world and her current life as a High Heel Samurai. With all of this going on, it couldn't be a more perfect time for Blaire to make herself fully known to the High Heel Samurai. What are the Samurai Girls going to do when a Ninja decides to play?

»«6. New Complications and Slight Makeovers (parts 1-6)

The season began with an attack, and it’s been on Tori’s mind ever since. When the mugger strikes again, he hits a little closer to home, and the result will send Tori and Antonio on a vendetta that will have them pushing their own moral boundaries. But that’s only part of what happens. Blaire receives a shocking proposal from Mia, an old friend returns to Boston, Sophie begins having her doubts about a fellow Samurai and Catia takes some time to examine her relationship with Connor. If there’s one episode you don’t want to miss, it’s this one!

»« 7. Fresh Leaders and Reserve Samurai (parts 1-6)

The Samurai Girls are broken. And when that happens, the only thing to do is pick up the pieces and rebuild. Enter Blaire Salia, the newest addition to the High Heel Samurai, and with her, a whole new style of leadership. The first order of business? Increase numbers, and gain strength. With the Veleno family looking to take control, and the FBI closing in, Tori, Sophie, Catia and Blaire don’t have much time to work out the kinks. Internal and external conflicts abound, and it’s going to take everything they’ve got to get back on top. But don’t worry, we’re talking about the High Heel Samurai. If anyone can do this, it’s going to be them!

»« 8. Gang Wars and Hub Tournaments (parts 1-6)

It’s that time of year again! So, get ready for the Hub Tournament! When the Samurai Girls are asked to defend their title at the second annual Hub Tournament competition, the only thing they have planned is trouble. What kind of trouble? Only the kind that Tori, Sophie, Catia and Blaire could think up. And with the Samurai Girls’ blonde new leader, fun is on the agenda. But that’s not all! You’ll witness the return of several familiar faces from the Samurai Girl’s past, you’ll see what happens when Tori tries getting a fake ID, and you’ll feel the thrill of the Hub Tournament in 3D!!! That’s right, this one is so big that it’s popping out of your screen.

»« 9. Afternoon Lunch and Apple Pie (parts 1-6)

This time, you’re going to see the High Heel Samurai like you’ve never seen them before. Get ready for an hour long lunch, in real-time. No cutting from scene to scene, no story beyond what the Samurai girls are talking about at the table. For the next six weeks, you’ll be eating lunch with the Samurai Girls!

»« 10. Terrible Dreams and Plotting Disaster (parts 1-6)

It’s the personal favorite of the season for Writer Chip Perro. It’s also one of the strangest episodes in the series. We begin with Devon plotting something huge, and then it’s a dream. You’ll understand soon enough. Without giving away everything, this one is big. Hope the past few weeks of lunch were fun, because this is a location intensive, character intensive, and absolutely insane episode.

»« 11. Near Hits and No Return: Part I (parts 1-6)

The Veleno family has waged war. Jack returns to Boston with a new agenda: Bring in the High Heel Samurai at any cost. The FBI is nearly ready to make their arrests. As the walls close in, things are looking grim. But that’s all after one Samurai Girl is shot in the back. No dreams, no figures of speech. It happens. This is part 1 of a 2 part (12 webisode) season finale of High Heel Samurai. Forget consequences. This is war.

»« 12. Near Hits and No Return: Part II (parts 1-6)

Picking up directly where the penultimate episode left off, the final six webisodes of the season begin here. As outside forces close in on the High Heel Samurai, things look grim. The final tournament is soured by the looming threat of both the FBI and the Veleno family. Drastic actions are taken to survive. But after it's all over, will things ever be the same again?


March 5, 2011     We have created a new site for all of the shows in Perro Worldwide universe including High Heel Samurai. The site name is: perroworldwide.com. Season one and Season two of High Heel Samurai will soon available on DVD. You will be able to buy the DVDs on the perroworldwide.com site.

December 3, 2008     Check out the latest behind the scenes video with Sam and Mia on the Backstage page.

Next week part one of Computer Geeks and Amanda Hats gets posted. Catia has met someone new, more is revealed about the mysterious Blaire, and everyone is excited about the Amanda. Find out why next week.

October 15, 2008     Check out the new behind the scenes video on the Backstage page.

Next week the first part of Bad Bums and Saturday Nights gets posted. Get ready for some excitement; the bums are bigger, they're badder, what's a Samurai to do...

September 28, 2008     Announcing the High Heel Samurai Fan Art Contest. Click For The Details

September 3, 2008     The QuickTime format we are using for the season 2 episodes is compatible with the iPhone.

May 18, 2008     Season One is over… Wow! The High Heel Samurai will return in Season Two this September. But for now, see Season One from the beginning and relive the Samurai Girl’s first year all over again.

If you’re wondering how to get through the summer without your weekly High Heel Samurai fix, we’ve got the answer. Check back often for news updates, behind the scenes details, teasers and trailers.

And just to get things started, check out the first teaser for the new season right now! Come September, it’s going to be an electrifying year for the High Heel Samurai. Get ready…

March 12, 2008     Season one is almost over. Six final webisodes bring it to a close. Everything you’ve seen leads up to this. Marx is back, Jack and Frank must bring Mia down, Eve wants revenge, and someone will not be walking away. We guarantee things will be different; actions have their consequences. Rest up for next week! The year is coming to an end.

January 24, 2008     Episode 6 starts next week.
How did the High Heel Samurai get to this point? With everything that has happened, it’s the perfect time to take a step back and see where the Samurai Girls started out.

December 12, 2007     You can now subscribe to High Heel Samurai. Just click on the subscribe link to the right.

December 6, 2007     Get ready! On December 12th we begin "Young Love and Broken Necks." In this thrilling episode nobody is safe, and by the conclusion someone won't be walking away. The Hub tournament is over and it's back to business with the Guerrieri. Old enemies will make their strike and Mia is going to have some tough choices to make. As for Tori, Catia and Sophie, they're in for some twists as well. It starts next week with part one of High Heel Samurai: Episode 5

The High Heel Samurai will be at the Boston Super Megafest November 17-18, 2007
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