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August 14, 2011
Black Hole Original Series
High Heel Samurai
Samurai Girls Watch Mia, Tori, Sophie, and Catia take to the streets in a year long street fighting tournament.

Shades of Ryan
Ryan Shade Ryan Shade has problems... Too bad all of his alter egos can't be more help! Watch Ryan argue with his roommates, struggle with women and try to make sense of a world that might just be more mixed up than him.

Cooking to the Max
Mitchell Maxwell and Roxanne Nichols Join Chef Mitchell Maxwell and Host Roxanne Nichols as Chef Maxwell shows you how to cook restaurant food at home.
News and Reviews
David Wain of Wainy Days
David Wain
Bret Silverberg talks to David Wain, co-creator of the classic comedy troupe The State, about his award winning Web TV show Wainy Days and the nature of comedy on the web. Read the Article

An Angry Man
James Rolfe stars as the Angry Video Game Nerd, a critic for today, who looks back at the video games of the 80ís. Read the Article

New OTV Show Listings
Seth McFarland's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy
Wainy Days
Easy To Assemble
Hooking Up
Tyler's Ride
Cranky Geeks

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